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Zombie Walk

WOO! My six seconds of fame have arrived! Three in the Fringe Fan video and (roughly) three in the Galway Zombie Walk video!

(the moment of glory is at 1.08)



Starring yours truly. (Along with a gazillion other amazing people!)


Mortal Instruments Fanmix

I know there are a gazillllion playlists/fanmixes out there for almost every popular fandom, but I always like to make my own. Plus, I find some of them rather too loud to leave on when going to sleep.

So I present to you, my Jace/Clary fanmix that you can sleep to. There's only one song on this list that has extensive use of drums, and you should be well asleep by the time it comes on. Or you could just leave it out (it's track 9. Track 10 kind of builds up to the loud part so it shouldn't scare you to death.)

Deathly Hallows Part 2

WELL. It's all over.

It was just great. I mean, you could stand back and make plenty of criticisms, but in the moment and the current afterglow IT WAS ...

I'm not one of those people that goes into raptures about Snape (or Alan Rickman) and he was good, but there was no stand out thing for me. Some of the humour was clearly for the American audience (sorry, beloved intelligent American friends who are far more capable intellectually than your film-makers think you are) but mostly it was fine. There were about 1000 people at my "local" cinema, and all nine screens were devoted to Potterness. IT WAS AWESOME TOO. And we had a brilliant, enthusiastic and not unruly crowd. Screen 9 FTW. Mascara scars and Etsy Deathly Hallows necklaces abounded. :D ONE STAND OUT NITPICK: After being bashed over the head two or three times about Harry and Lily's eyes, the friggin' mini-Lily had BROWN BROWN BROWN EYES. Not cool. When you can make Alan Rickman young and wipe out Ralph Fiennes nose (oh, award to him too please - for excellence in creepiness and menace) then SURELY you can change eye colours. JEEZ.


Oh, PEE ESS. I told ye I finished Hunger Games and it was crap and disappointing, but I've started Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments books and WOW. SO much better. I'm on book three and was so delighted to discover that there's a book four too (especially when I went in to buy 2 and 3 only, and there happened to be a "three for two" offer in the bookshop!) I wasn't even prepared for the combination of good writing, characters that actually develop ANNNND an intriguing story. I was sure it was another Twilight, and while it ain't no Harry Potter, it's a damn sight better than a lot of the drivel out there.

Some nice things

The Euromillions jackpot hasn't been won for three or four rounds now and it's €185 MILLION. I won €4 on it yesterday. Woo me! Must remember to play it on Tuesday so I can quit this stupid college course and devote my life to indulging my own whims.

I went to see Misterman tonight in Galway, which is a play where Cillian Murphy runs around frantically playing a madman replaying voices in his head. It was very impressive, because not only did it show Cillian GOING INSANE, but he can do an enormous amount of Irish accents in English AND Irish. And good lord, he was a different person for every character. It was rather scary. I always forget how short he is in real life too (I'm definitely taller), and though his eyes were of course amazing, he doesn't look so much like this:

as he does like this:

And he got progressively dirtier and wetter as the show went on. I imagine he's a very modest, private person, but he's a freakin' phenomenal actor.

I started reading "Hunger Games" the other night, and I'm on book three tonight. The story is engrossing, but the writing isn't fabulous, and I have an intense dislike for most of the characters, because they're all stupid one dimensional stereotypes.
In my sleep deprived state, I've created my own version of the world (I'm predicting that I won't like the ending of the trilogy), and OMG. I came across this song today, and it couldn't be more perfect. I imagine the main girl in my head as dark-skinned (WTF is "olive skin" anyway, Americans?) - a sort of Willow Smith teenager, but the girl in that video has now become her, and the boy is Peeta. YAY. Also, they all have stupid names. This is a bad book, don't read it. There's also apparently a film being made which I have zero desire to see, because all the rest of the characters are wrong (even Stanley Tucci, no matter how chameleonesque he is ♥).


Why will LJ not let me access my own entries or comments? I'm logged in! I'm over 14! I PASSED THE TEST. LET ME INNNNN...


Hello all. I renewed my LJ subscription the other day, despite not having been for, what, MONTHS?

It's all due to the unexpectedly torturous month of teaching practice I've just narrowly escaped from. By torturous, I mean that for the last month I've literally had two hours sleep every night, and been working non-stop from 7am 'til WHENEVER the during weekdays (usually 10am onwards at weekends). On top of all that, my back problem came back, which meant I was on crutches and in extreme pain, AND on six antibiotics a day for the month. And there was no point taking time off, because I'd still have to make the time up (or else FAIL - both awesome options, you'll agree) and as it was I was escaping being inspected for Gaeilge due to ANOTHER inspection that was going on in the school.

It's a long, stupidly boring story, and I hated every minute, but my teacher and my class were just divine and I miss them, and the kiddies - ALL BY THEMSELVES, WITHOUT KNOWING I WAS LEAVING - got me a box of chocolates and a rose plant on my last day! They literally must have driven a parent to a shop and made them get them, because I didn't tell them I was leaving at all. And the school passed it's own inspection splendidly, which I heard today, which wasn't unexpected, but is nice to hear.

My supervisor/inspector was a stupid bitch and made me cry the first time she came, although that was more down to extreme pain and exhaustion rather than her intimidating manner. Anyway, I went against all my natural instincts for her second visit and I buttered her up and pretended I'd employed all her techniques (when I actually changed ZILCH) and she conceded that I was very good. HURRAH. I want my results NOW. Because from what I'm hearing, there are people in my group out there PASSING without even having ANY DOCUMENTATION. It's the fucking documentation that was preventing me from sleeping I DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW YOU COULD NOT DO IT AND STILL PASS.

And we got the results of out MARCH assignment back, and I got nothing but lashings of praise and one note that mentioned I had underlined "group work" rather than "pair work" WHICH I APPARENTLY LOST 25% for. WTF MAN, THAT'S RIDICULOUS.

So I'm on a break til I have to go to the Gaeltacht with those people that I despise and a very few that I don't, for THREE FUCKING WEEKS, GAH. I also don't know how I'll ever survive TP (teaching practice) 2, because it's about double the work of this one. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH HOURS MAN, I DON'T UNDERSTAND.

So that's it, and Peter and Olivia are the best shit ever, just so you know. ♥
lunawho, thanks for the comment, I'll get back to it! I'm sorry about how FRICKING STUPID my course is.

Here's some light (and short - less than a minute) entertainment from Obama's Big Daytrip To Ireland. :D


We had the queen last week (and she didn't get killed, hurray!) and we have Barack Obama this week. I'm sitting here (in denial about my work) watching Obama chat with his eighth cousins in - and I believe this is the official name - TheArseEndOfNoWhere, Co. Offaly. Well, it's actually Moneygall, but it was the arse end of nowwhere before Obama decided to come here and visit his ancestral roots. What American doesn't have Irish roots, like. :D

He's making a brilliant day of it. The cameras are going crazy at the moment with Obama drinking his Guiness (and Micehelle) in the pub, but he was laughing and chatting and listening to stories and telling about a stopover in Shannon on his way to Afghanistan where he realised Guiness tasted better in Ireland. He's wrong, of course. Guiness is always disgusting. But he's so freaking NICE. And friendly. I understand that there's a bid for the Irish-American vote there, but they have already done a million times more than anyone expected, greeted everyone that was invited to the street, and actually kissed almost everyone on the cheek. They're SO friendly. The cameras have been taken out of the pub now, so they can have those nasty guinesses in peace, but OMG. I didn't think he'd be let that close to that many people.

And on a side note, that international peeps may not know, Dulux paint gave free paint to the entire village to fix it up. Normal non-entity villages in Ireland don't look like this one. :D The Irish vesion of McDonalds (thought we have that too) is Supermacs, and that guy is building a a fast food/petrol plaza called The Obama Plaza in Moneygall. Middle of no-where.

Anyway, it's mad. Two thirds of the Irish police force (the Gardaí - funny side note: the Irish for "thief" is "gadaí". lol.) were rounded up to secure the Queen in Dublin, Kildare and Cork (and like I say, she did survive, despite the bombs and all) but we've heard nothing for months but how much security and background checking and secret service was landing down in Moneygall, and although I know the town is pretty much sealed off, I still can't get over the intimacy. He's still in the fricking pub - without cameras! His eight cousin is an awful weedy lad altogether.

Obama is giving a speech in Dublin later on and there are squillions of people there already. But it won't be like Money-frickin-gall.

Dum dee dumm... Oh yeah, so I haven't been on here in a million years because my course has drained my life dry and I have no time for anything else, even sleep. I shouldn't be on now, but come on. There have only been 8 US presidents with Irish roots. And it's the fricking middle-of-nowhere. I'm gonna watch this.

TV wise - I've seen the end of Fringe (AGHHHHH),
Bones (you wouldn't have bothered if she wasn't already pregnant and OMG NOOOOO VNM!!! MY FUCKING LIFE IS OVER!!!!),
Vampire Diaries (not gonna watch season 3. Sorry Caroline, and Jeremy. But without Jenna and with Damon being all loola, I ain't interested.)
Desperate Housewives (how many times have TPTB tried to kill Susan now? When will she get the message? Poor Paul. He grew on me.)
Raising Hope (I'm about three episodes behind on this but SO MUCH LOVE.)
Big Bang Theory (about three behind here too. Not that it matters. Sitcoms. :P)
CASTLE (I'M FOUR EPISODES BEHIND. Don't spoil me! :D I thought it was over 2 eps ago, can't wait...OBAMA IS BACK.

He's shaking more hands! The crowd are gonna knock that fence with their enthusiasm. Poor secret service are nearly having collective aneuryisms...I think he's ...

OH, a baby hug! Who the fuck gave him that child? Kid is dressed like a leprechaun..HAHAHA, it lost it's soother! Obama had to climb up the fence to give it back!

Ooh, he's been gallumphed by the crowd...

These Moneygallians are a colourful lot...Michelle is going first, leading the way for him. Her make up is fantastic.

They're hardly even getting to look at all the hands they're shaking.

SS guy just covered half the big-ass official tv camera with his hand.

Apparently they've already doubled the alloted time in Moneygall. Lol. The place is just so entertaining and full of personality...;)

It's just a massive sea of heads now. Some kids are singing that silly "O'Leary, O'Reilly, O'Hare and O'Hara" song. There's no one more Irish than Barack Obama. ;P

If you want to go see him in Dublin - TOO LATE - the presenter is shocked. Goodness. That many people.

They're still shaking all 3000 hands offered to them. Wow.

He's waving bye bye. Hugging Henry Hayes. The weed. Sláááááán! Awww! So adorable, he stood up on the car to wave again!

DAMMIT, the oven is calling and he's just pulling off! Don't burn yet food!!!!

They're all waving him off! The boot is open on one of those cars...

A baby wearing a US flag dress! Awwwww!

Henry is off shaking hands now. And signing autographs. LOOLA.

They're taking down the fences. Mad scramble to the pub. Oh god, tragic portrayal of Ireland. XP It's like St. Patrick's Day all over again.

Helicopter! On the GAA pitch. Oh, he brought his own helicopter. I should do that next time I travel.

I wish this Offally representative would stop saying "sh" for every "s" word. Shtaff. Reshtaurant. Represhentativesh.

Moneygall is almost in Tipperary. Pity it couldn't be there. It's closer to Connaught. Also, this guy is from Offaly. Nobody likes that guy.

Okay, he's going to Dublin, I'm going t rescue my burning ready made lasagne. Hurray. Oh, HELICOPTER!! WEEEEE!

Oh, the helicopters come in batches of 3 or 4. Like bananas.

HAHAHA, "one of the great moments in Moneygall's history". What feckin' history?!? ROFLMAO

The concert in Dublin has started. Sharon Shannon, Mundy and Saw Doctors. Feckers. I was only chatting to one of them the last week. :P

Oh hurrah, "professional" Brendan Gleeson. His niece was in school with my brother. Aren't we all just inbred hicks?

It's so windy today. Gale force out here in the wild west. My hair took a beating. Brendan Gleeson's few Homeresque strands will never survive.

Oh, it's an inspirational patriotic speech.

I hate to admit it, but College Green looks great. But of course, it was just tidied up for the Queen. And it was her crowd that built it. X)

Okay, I'm going to go eat the lasagne.

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